Delivery software just for you

Delivery software

Delivery software

You are in the right place, if you want to order a program for a delivery service that can help you with the handling of the packages. But why would you need the delivery software of the Mav-it? Because it’s an excellent tool for the customers, the dispatchers and the couriers.

The program has multiple options and works well on the computers and on the smartphones. The delivery software can track the position of the couriers, which is very beneficial for the dispatchers.

What’s more, the couriers get an alarm sound if eventually a new task arrives. We shouldn’t forget that the program is available in other languages, too. The delivery software can immediately fill out a bill, because it has an integrated billing module. In addition, the program is able to read bar codes and to manage various tasks.

The new orders can be allocated to the courier who is near to the given address. The delivery software has several other advantages as well, for example it’s possible to upload and download certain documents.

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