Some remarks about design history


The design history is really arresting

The design history is really arresting

The design is a very important nowadays’ field, it is used in architecture, fashion, house interiors and exteriors, graphics and so many other different territories of life. There is a very long design history, the people had used it already in the very first times. The design is an “alphabet of the human thought” and it can be observed from the Paleolithic period, there are cave paintings from this age from ca. 50-60000 years ago. Like in prehistory, it has a very well describable role in all of the design history, universal means, messages, what can be understood by people without using any written or spoken words.


It’s role is so important, that we cannot imagine our common life in every day without the different versions and evaluations of design. For example, the many symbolical systems are the part of our life, we couldn’t live in save and calm without knowing the transport symbols. The design history in one of a field, consist of the development of that domain from the viewpoint of the design.


For example, at the history of fashion design we have to talk about the development of the fashion history, but we have to mention all of the accessories’ and details’ part, what are important from this viewpoint. The importance of its role increased successively, we can observe a development of the furniture, house and interior design since the ancient times. New fields appeared, like the webdesign, what has a very substantial role in this modern life. We can see that the design history is fascinating and its important role is unquestionable.

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