The web page designing became crucial


The web page designing became very important

The web page designing became very important

The graphic design has a part what became elementary in the recent years for almost everybody in the world. The web page designing started around 1989, but it conquered a very large territory from the 2000’ years. This has an important role in the firms’, companies’ life, because the webpages are the most important marketing surface of them. The largest part of people search for products services on the internet, using the most important searching engines, like Google. They are spending some seconds on each site, what appear first in the finding list and if they don’t find what they are searching for, they will open the next firm’s site.


If the web page designing is interesting, fascinating and the visitor gets straightway what she/he wants, he/she won’t search for other site. There are necessary many different skills for web page designing, for example, the designer has to be expert in graphic design, interface design, authoring, and of course, marketing. The working styles and techniques are different, sometimes the entire web designing work is made by one person, another time a whole team is working on it.


In the design evolution we have to mention the first competitive browser of Microsoft, what was released in 1996, what was very important, because it has its own features and tags. It was the beginning of the modern web designing. Since 2000, the web page designing became integrated into people’s life in the whole world. The web technology progressed successively, and today we cannot open a browser without meeting the advantages of modern web page designing.

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